This is how Kurpfälzer beer tastes.

The purity law of 1516 is considered the oldest food law. It states that only the raw materials hops and malt, water and yeast may be used to make beer, any other addition is prohibited. This guarantees the unique purity of the beer, to which German brewers have long been committed and which can also be found more and more abroad.

The grain from the field must first be converted into malt. For this purpose, barley or wheat is usually germinated by soaking it in water. During this work step, enzymes are formed that have to perform important tasks in the later brewing process. The germinated grain is then dried at temperatures of up to 80 – 110 ° C to make it durable.


Furthermore, this drying process has the greatest influence on the later color of the beer: the stronger the temperature, the darker the malt and thus the beer.

Driver – Kurpfälzer beer since 1880.
One name, one region – top quality.